meet the farmers

We are Josh Clawson and Meghann Roberts-Clawson. We have been married almost six years and together forever before then. I, Meghann, have lived my entire life in Ashe County - Josh took a little longer to get here.
We have three “children” - Hank, Peyton and Fraiser. We are die-hard App State football fans, love kayaking, hiking, Traveling, and clearly - spending time on the farm.

Farming of any sort could take up ALL of your time, but it is not our day job. When you hear we’re “hemp farmers,” many people are very taken aback by our career paths. I am a middle school science teacher turned elementary school counselor + Josh is a state park ranger.

- Meghann

Josh handles MOST of the manual labor, does the research about the growing/harvesting process, and deals with the business side of things. I use my background to research benefits for physical and mental health and help to educate those around me. I’m also the creative one, the product maker and the one always looking for new ways to 
share the CBD love!

We are so proud to share our product with you and can only wish you love it as much as we do!