Meg’s family has been farming since 1885. Her grandparents’ home is located just back under the hill. Rich Hill Farms is a source of great love and pride in the Roberts family and it’s what got us here today. Although Triple Peaks is an
extension of Rich Hill Farms, it’s so special it needed a name all it’s own!

The name Triple Peaks comes from the properties spectacular view of Three Top Mountain (Triple Peaks - see what we did there?). Three Top Mountain reaches 5,020 feet at it’s highest peak, unofficially named “Big Rock.” Although there are 11 peaks on the 6 mile long crest - the mountain is named for the three prominent rock summits on the central spine. It’s also part of the amphibolite mountain group, containing a calcium-rich rock that is rare in the
Blue Ridge Mountains we call home.

Not only is Triple Peaks functional - it’s beautiful!
This farm truly is our own slice of heaven!